Swarm Viper 10X GEN3i

Swarm Viper 10X GEN3i10X GEN3i Third Generation Upgraded Rapid Reload Technology Multishot

The Swarm Viper 10X GEN3i delivers next-level power with up to 1,300 fps in .177 Cal!

Inertia fed. Market leading design. Introducing the third generation of Gamo’s exclusive rapid-reload technology. This patent-pending 10X GEN3i technology features a sleek and stylish design combined with our horizontal inertia fed magazine integration. The magazine indexes using the inertia force from the recoil of the air rifle—creating a smoother and more precise breech loading process. This is Gamo. This is state-of-the-art rapid-reload technology.

Designed to deliver an exceptionally comfortable shooting experience, the high-velocity Swarm Viper Gen3i combines our revolutionary 10X GEN3i Technology with a handsome automotive grade synthetic stock. The all-new stock features soft rubber grips and checkering positioned at strategic locations—creating a smoother buttstock for the cheek and secure, comfortable grips for both hands.

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