Our top 10 best-selling pellet shooting accessories!


1. 10X Air Rifle Sling

The 10X air rifle sling from Gamo is made of high quality neoprene and allows you to carry your air rifle with maximum comfort.

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Cleaning Cotton Pellets Air Rifle .22

2. Cleaning Cotton Pellets .22

Occasional use of these pellets will help keep your air rifle working properly between cleanings. Simply fire a felt pellet as you would a normal pellet to remove dirt, lead and fouling from the barrel. Maintain the performance and accuracy of your air gun barrel.

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Air Rifle Padded Gun Cover

3. Air Rifle Padded Gun Cover

This Gamo air rifle padded gun cover is 51 inches long and is specially designed to protect and carry your Gamo air rifle.

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CatchPellet Pellet Metal Target for Air Rifles

4. Plinking Catch Pellet Trap

The Gamo Plinking Catch Pellet Trap provides lots of fun year round for the whole family. It can also used to improve your shooting skills!

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Gamo Air Rifle Cleaning Kit

5. Air Rifle Cleaning Kit

Keep the external and internal parts of your air gun in good condition.

Cleaning rod and barrel brush for .177, .22 and .25 Calibers to keep your barrel clean
Cleaning cotton pellets to remove dirt quickly
Cotton patches and cleaning oil to keep the metal parts in good condition
Cleaning brush to remove particles or rust

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Cone Backyard Trap Target for Pellet Air Rifles

6. Cone-Backyard Pellet Trap

Collapsible Cone pellet trap with 100 paper targets, screw hole for easy mounting. Made of heavy gauge steel. Ideal for honing your skills and accuracy. Quick disasembly for storage or transporting it to the range.

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Gamo air rifle maintenance center

7. Air Rifle Maintenance Center

Easy to use collapsible rifle stand is designed for quick assembly/disassembly. It fits compactly into carrying box so you can do repairs or adjustments in the field, at the range or on hunting trips. The Gamo Air Rifle Maintenance Center includes the collapsible rifle stand, GAMO airgun oil, Felt cleaning wads, Cleaning patches, 3 Extension rods, 1 Patch holder tip, 1 Nylon brush tip, Cleaning handle, Cleaning cloth, Instructions.

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Gamo CO2 12gr cylinders for CO2 pistols and rifles

8. 15 Count 12gr CO2 Bottles

Top quality CO2 cartridges for your Gamo CO2 pistol.

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Gamo Plinking target for air pellet rifles

9. Plinking Target

Eliminate the need to walk downrange and change targets. The Highly visable re-settable Plinking Target is sure to provide hours of shooting fun.

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Gamo Rocker Pellet Trap target for air rifles

10. Rocker Pellet Trap

The GAMO Rocker Pellet Trap can be reset without getting up from your firing position. When a round target is hit, it locks in the up position. The target can be reset by simply hitting the large square center target. This causes all of the round targets to drop and reset for more shooting.

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