One the most exciting outdoor shooting sports events in the country

The Gamo Squirrel Master Classic is one the most exciting outdoor shooting sports events in the country. What started as a friendly end-of-hunting-season industry event by Jackie Bushman of Buckmasters has grown into much-anticipated annual “happening” with a serious mission—to raise awareness of the need for hunter recruitment and to promote the next generation of young hunters and shooting sports ambassadors.

Squirrel Master Classic

With hunting participation numbers continuing to decline along with the revenue hunting and shooting sports contribute to state habitat management and wildlife conservation, the need for reversing this historical trend has never been greater. Key to moving these outdoor sports toward positive-growth is by getting the youth into the woods so they can experience first-hand the fun and personal rewards of hunting.

For many young hunters and first-time shooters, air rifles provide the gateway to lifelong participation in hunting and shooting activities. This is why we are excited to be the co-sponsor of an event such as the Squirrel Master Classic.

Held at the renowned Southern Sportsman Hunting Lodge located just outside of Montgomery, Alabama, each Squirrel Master Classic consists of several teams. These teams pair noted outdoor television personalities with kids who participate in the 4H Shooting Sports Program along with a national media writer, a squirrel dog, and the dog’s handler. The two-day event includes squirrel hunting and timed shooting competitions using GAMO air rifles. A point system charts each team’s performance, with the top-scoring team winning the event.

This year, participants shot the new GAMO Swarm Fusion 10X GEN2 .22 air rifle for both the hunting and shooting event segments. The Swarm Fusion 10X GEN2 .22 is ideally suited for small game hunting thanks to its impressive 1000 FPS velocity when propelling alloy pellets and its Swarm 10X GEN2 multi shot technology. The Swarm 10X GEN2 multi shot system holds ten pellets in an auto-advancing magazine so there is no need to reload between shots. A revolutionary horizontal magazine integration, making it lighter, more compact and low profile. Utilizing a single-cocking break-barrel charging system, two-stage Custom Action Trigger, and an ergonomically designed stock with a thumbhole-style vertical grip, prominent cheek riser, and padded butt stock, the Swarm Fusion 10X GEN2 .22 offers balanced handling and a comfortable fit for precision target shooting and hunting applications.

Participating in the 2022 Squirrel Master Classic were teams comprised of several leading outdoor television programs, including BuckmastersBuck CommanderBone Collector, Raised Hunting and AirgunWebTV. Raised Hunting captured the coveted Squirrel Master Classic trophy.

The Squirrel Master Classic is an event everyone greatly enjoys, from the seasoned hunters to the 4H participants—most of whom have never before hunted. The reward is to see the excitement and the smiles of these youngsters and to know that their experience here will be a spark they’ll carry forward to ensure our hunting and shooting heritage will be around for future generations.

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