Gamo Arrow PCP Rifle

Gamo Arrow PCP Pellet Rifle

Straight Charging Handle System. 10 Shot Magazine.
Highly Efficient PCP Rifle. The New GAMO Arrow PCP.

The Arrow PCP features the quietest noise suppression technology from GAMO, the Whisper Fusion. This air rifle is a 60 shot straight-loading PCP air rifle. It is a highly efficient PCP air rifle capable of firing up to 60 pellets without reload. Its ambidextrous, straight loading handle system ensures a fast and satisfying shooting experience for users of all skill levels. It shoots up to 900 feet per second in .22. Cal., 1,200 feet per second in .177 Cal., and uses the 10X Quick-Shot Magazine.

The Gamo Arrow PCP features the 10X rotary magazine that holds 10 pellets, and the Straight Charging Handle System for ergonomic and ambidextrous reloading. The new PCP rifle from GAMO features a 128cc air tank that provides up to 60 shots of autonomy. Its highly efficient inner mechanism extends the gun’s sweet spot, so you get superb accuracy for more shots. The fully integrated pressure gauge precisely shows the gun’s inner air pressure.

In addition to the best in velocity and accuracy, the new Arrow PCP is also quieter than you think. GAMO’s Whisper Fusion technology incorporates a double-integrated sound moderator so the pellet travels through two different chambers to compress the sound and prevent the noise expansion.

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Arrow PCP Pellet Rifle

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