Best Selling Gamo Pellet Ammunition

Our top 10 best-selling pellet ammunition!

Red Fire 22 125 tin 632270454 red tip pellet ammunition

1. Red Fire .22 Pellet Ammunition

Experience match-grade accuracy, high-velocity performance and hydraulic expansion at point of impact with Gamo’s Red Fire Pellets. The diamond shaped hard polymer tip provides a true ballistic trajectory. The force of impact drives the diamond polymer tip into the cylindrical jacket material forcing it to expand outward—increasing the diameter of the projectile as it passes through the intended target (mushrooming effect on impact).

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Magnum 22 250 tin 6320225BL54 pellet ammo

2. Magnum .22 Pellet Ammunition

Designed primarily for small game and plinking. It provides excellent accuracy at short to medium ranges. The pointed tip and double-ring design increases the mushroom effect for best results on small game.

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Combo Pack Precision Pellets 1000 front 632092954 lead pellet ammunition pack

3. Combo Pack Assorted .177

A great selection of .177 pellet ammo! 1,000 pellets pack! Master Point (250), Match (250), Magnum (250) and Hunter (250).

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Red Fire 177 150 tin 6322701-C54 red tip pellet ammunition for air rifles

4. Red Fire .177 Pellet Ammunition

Definitely one of our top selling pellet model! Also available in .177 caliber and 150 pellet tin. The diamond shaped hard polymer tip increases the diameter of the projectile as it passes through the intended target.

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Combo Pack Precision Pellets 22 front 63209295554 lead pellets pack

5. Combo Pack Assorted Pellets .22 Cal.

A great selection of lead pellets in .22 Cal. 950 pellets! Master Point (250), Magnum (250), Hunter (250) and TS-22 (200).

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Rocket 22 100 tin 632127554 pellet ammo

6. Rocket .22 Pellet Ammunition

The Rocket pellets combine our performance lead with a hardened steel tip to yield enhanced penetration and shock with precision accuracy. The Rocket enhances down-range performance without any sacrifice of accuracy and consistency. Consistency, uniformity and performance are what make Gamo ammunition superior to all others.

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Hunter 22 250 tin 6320525BL54 pellet ammo

7. Hunter .22 Pellet Ammunition

Due to the heavier weight and dome configuration, this pellet performs with terrific impact, even at long distance shots.

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Match 177 500 tin 6322544CP-C54 pellets

8. Match .177 Pellet Ammunition

A tin of 500 lead pellets! This is a precision pellet. The Gamo Match Pellets are relatively light weight and flat head that cuts targets cleanly makes this pellet tops for shooters wanting tight groups.

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PBA Bullet 22 100 tin 632272154 pellet ammo

9. PBA Bullet .22 Pellet Ammunition Non-Lead

Copper retains 100% of its weight after expansion, retaining velocity/energy and creating less ballistic drag. The shape and long skirt create flatter trajectory and tighter group patterns. Terminal impact for a clean, vital kill shot.

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Combo Pack Perfomance 177 front 632092854 pellets pack

10. Combo Pack Performance .177

This pack contains 4 types of high performance Gamo pellets: one tin of 150 Red Fire pellets, a tin of 150 Rocket pellets, a pack each of 50 PBA Raptor and 40 PBA Armor pellets. Excellent Airgun ammunition for the demanding shooter. These pellets will deliver accuracy and penetration suitable for hunting and competition.

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