Weight 8.47 lbs



1,300 feet per second (fps) with PBA Platinum


10X Quick- Shot technology enables you to shoot up to ten pellets without reloading. Single cocking system.

Noise dampening:



IGT Inert Gas Technology gas piston.


Fluted polymer jacketed rifled steel barrel with WHISPER noise dampening technology.


Two stage trigger.


Automotive grade glass filled nylon all-weather.


Non-Slip texture on grip and forearm.

Recoil Pad:

Ventilated rubber.


Manual safety and automatic cocking safety system.


GAMO standard 11 mm aluminum rail.


1 Year.


5.43 lbs


44.5 in.

Length of Pull:

14.4 in.


Any .177 Cal. Pellet.

Trigger Pull:

3.53 lbs.

Barrel Length:

19.1 in.

Cocking Effort:

30 lbs.

The GAMO Swarm Whisper pellet rifle features the 10X Quick-Shot patent pending technology that utilizes a 10-round rotary-style magazine, providing faster loading for repetitive shooting. This air rifle also features the IGT (Intert Gas Technology) piston that allows higher velocity, less vibration and a longer lifespan than the traditional spring-powered airguns. The GAMO Swarm Whisper also features the well-known patented Whisper noise dampening technology. Features: Up to 1,300 fps (.177 Cal.) using Gamo PBA Platinum pellets, IGT (Inert Gas Technology) piston, Whisper noise dampening technology, two-stage trigger, single cocking break barrel, automatic cocking safety system, manual trigger safety, fluted polymer jacketed steel barrel, and a 4×32 shockproof scope with rings. One Year Waranty.

3 reviews for Swarm Whisper .177 caliber 10-shot break barrel air rifle

  1. Bill Pimental

    I’ve had my whisper for a couple months now, put a bunch of pellets thought it, the only problem I have had was the 10X loader spring broke, Gamo product support were excellent at fixing the problem. The rifle is well built , no loose parts. It handles nice, after the break in period, it be came very accurate , the trigger was a little stiff, but getting better with use. The scope was lacking, it is my go to rifle, love to shoot, would not hesitate to buy another one of gamo’s products.

  2. Chris

    Amazing! I hit bullseye at 20 yards consistently with any pellet! I really love the magazine, bought myself 2 more because I just love not having to reload while out in the field or in the backyard. 500 shots later and there hasn’t been any sign of loose pellets or the mechanism breaking like most people claim. I’ve taken down plenty of Pigeons and squirrels already with this thing–one hell of a gun!

  3. sdahlinghwa

    I LOVE THIS AIR RIFLE! Although, I didn’t buy it directly through the GAMO website – but from a local Big5 Sporting Goods store in WA State – at first I didn’t know what to expect. It is very lightweight at just 5.43lbs – which is usually not such a good thing with air rifles. But I have to tell you that I am pleasantly surprised by the power and accuracy of this air rifle. I bought the .177 cal. version and am currently just using it in my backyard at about 25 yards. At that distance I can hit targets in my pellet backstop that are the size of a quarter – with ease. There are no open sights on this rifle because of the 10X magazine system, so GAMO included a basic scope. The included scope is pretty basic but after getting it sighted in I’d say it works pretty well for short range shooting like I’m doing. I have a Hammers 3-9X, 32AO scope coming for it and I’m pretty sure my accuracy will improve. I’ve been shooting air rifles for years and have several break barrel spring rifles. This is the first gas-ram-piston air rifle I’ve ever owned and I’m impressed. I also love the 10X magazine system. I love that all you have to do is load the magazine, click it into the gun, cock and fire without stopping to reload each pellet individually. It works very well. I have 4 magazines for it – that’s 40 shots without having to load each one individually. And if the mechanism ever breaks it can be removed and you still have a basic one shot break barrel air rifle – so how can you lose? The Swarm Whisper 10X is a very nice air rifle. I highly recommend it.

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