Weight 2.04 lbs



450 feet per second (fps) with PBA Platinum


Single / Double


16 Pellets Double Magazine (8×2)


CO2 12gr.


Rifled metal barrel.


Realistic metal blowback.




Fixed sights with reflective white dots.


90 Day Manufacturer Refurbished


1.5 lbs.


.177 Cal Pellets. CAUTION: Use only standard skirt pellets to avoid damaging your magazine. Do NOT use pellets like the Red Fire, PBA Bullet, Magnum, Master Point, Lethal or TS-10

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This is a Manufacturer Refurbished item. Our GAMO refurbished products are cleaned, repaired and inspected by our expert technicians to ensure they’re in like-new condition by the manufacturer. They come with a 90 day warranty.

The P-25 Blowback CO2 powered air pistol provides a realistic action and an authentic look and feel, utilizing a small portion of air to move the slide backward when firing. A rifled steel barrel and textured grip are also features of this air pistol that is capable of 450 feet per second with PBA Platinum Pellets. This pistol comes with a pellet clip that holds 16 rounds (2 8-pellet double rotary magazine). It also features semi-auto action and fixed sights with reflective white dots. CAUTION: Only standard-skirt pellets should be used with the P-25 Blowback pistols. CAUTION: To avoid damaging your magazine, never use long-skirt pellets such as: Red Fire, Blue Flame, Glow Fire, PBA Bullet, Magnum, Master Point, Armor, Lethal, Rocket or TS-10.

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