Weight 0.283 lbs
Dimensions 4.375 × 1.04 × 5.75 in
Size (in):

2 (just the bullseye)

The Gamo Screw In Pellet Target is perfect for the cabin, backyard, camping trips…anywhere you want to shoot a spinner target. This cool target screws easily into a tree or board, and the spinner shows the satisfaction of a well-placed shot. Compact – put it in your pocket and go shoot. Durable construction for years of use.

Robust Construction: Built to last, the Gamo Screw-In Spinner Target is constructed from durable materials that withstand the impact of pellets shot after shot.

Easy Installation: Featuring a simple screw-in design, this target is effortless to install on a variety of surfaces, including wooden posts, fences, and target boards.

Dynamic Target Action: Challenge your shooting skills with the Gamo Spinner Target’s dynamic spinning action. Each successful hit sends the target spinning, providing instant visual feedback and adding an element of excitement to your shooting practice.

Versatile Usage: Perfect for backyard shooting ranges or the outdoors, this target adds a new dimension to your shooting experience. Test your marksmanship skills, compete with friends, or simply enjoy the satisfaction of hitting your target with every shot.

Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or a beginner shooter, this target promises hours of enjoyment and skill improvement.