Gamo Arrow Pre-Charged PCP Rifle Straight Charging System

Introducing the accurate and economical 10X multi-shot Arrow PCP rifle

Introducing the accurate and economical 10X multi-shot Arrow PCP rifle 1500 1500 GAMO

Rogers, AR, January 4, 2022 – For 2022, GAMO Adult Precision Airguns brings the multi-shot ARROW PCP in .177 and .22 calibers. This sleek new PCP air rifle gives shooters the total package at an economical price.

The new ARROW PCP features a multi-shot rotary magazine that holds 10 pellets, and the ARROW Straight Charging Handle System for ergonomic and ambidextrous reloading. The new PCP airgun features a 128cc air tank that provides up to 60 shots of autonomy. Its highly efficient inner mechanism extends the gun’s sweet spot, so you get superb accuracy longer. The fully integrated pressure gauge precisely shows the gun’s inner air pressure.

In addition to the best in velocity and accuracy, the new ARROW PCP airgun is also quieter than you think. GAMO’s Whisper Fusion technology incorporates a double-integrated sound moderator so the pellet travels through two different chambers to compress the sound and prevent the noise expansion.

The ARROW looks as good as it shoots. It’s built to last and engineered to perform. This PCP airgun is designed, engineered and manufactured by GAMO in Spain under the most demanding quality standards.

Gamo Arrow PCP .22 Rifle



Caliber: .22 / .177

Velocity: 900 fps .22 / 1200 fps .177

Action: Multi-Shot 10-Round Magazine

Dampener: Whisper Fusion Noise Dampening Technology

Power: PCP

Trigger: CAT (Custom Action Trigger) 2 Stage

Scope: Open Sights

Rail: Dovetail

Weight: 5lbs

Shot Count: +/- 60 Shots

Cylinder Capacity: 125cc

Connector: Quick Fill “Foster” Connector

Pressure Gauge: On-Board Pressure Gauge

Stock: Automotive-Grade Glass-Filled Nylon All Weather

Checkering: Non-Slip Texture Design on Grip and Forearm

Barrel: Metal-Jacketed Steel Rifled


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GAMO Arrow PCP .177   /   GAMO Arrow PCP .22

Gamo Arrow PCP .177 .22


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