Magnum GR .25 Pellet Air Rifle Kit

GAMO Brings “Bigger Bore” To USA Market

GAMO Brings “Bigger Bore” To USA Market 1200 1200 GAMO

Customers have been calling for one, and GAMO listened. The GAMO Magnum GR is the first .25 caliber available right here at That’s right – a .25 caliber, and it comes with pellets to get you shooting immediately.

The Magnum GR .25 Kit does not disappoint! It’s powered by the GAMO Magnum 33mm cylinder spring platform that delivers 1,000 feet per second with alloy pellets (crazy velocity for a .25 caliber break barrel!).

The Magnum GR (available also in .22 Caliber) brings the power, as well as the following features::

  • Open fiber optic sights and a GAMO 3-9X40 scope
  • GAMO’s best trigger – the Custom Action Trigger (CAT), that allows you to independently adjust the first and second stages of the trigger to your preference
  • A lightweight green all-weather thumbhole stock made from automotive grade glass-filled nylon
  • Recoil Reducing Rail, which uses patent-pending two-piece aluminum construction separated by dual polymer struts to absorb the shockwave generated by recoil
  • Metal-jacketed, rifled steel barrel
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Kit comes with 2 Tins of Pro Magnum .25 caliber pellets

The GAMO Magnum GR Kit gives you true knock-down power and good looks!

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