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Light Target Trap

Keep your skills in shape with this Great all-steel light target! Hit the colored plates and the corresponding light will turn ON.
For lead pellets up to 1000fps ONLY! DO NOT USE BB OR PBA.

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Light Target Trap  [Item # 62112211354]
Target Trap Pellet with light indicator
Accessories / Air Gun Targets / Light Target Trap
Recommended for use with lead airgun pellet and lead shot only. This trap is best suited for airguns with muzzle velocity of less than 750fps. The GAMO Rocker Pellet Trap can be reset without getting up from your firing position. When a round target is hit, it locks in the up position. The target can be reset by simply hitting the large square center target. This causes all of the round targets to drop and reset for more shooting. Always use appropriate ear and eye protection and make sure your range has a secure and reliable backstop.
Size = 6.5" x 6.5" x 8"
Weight = 5 Lbs.
1 Unit/Box
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